Leftover Rice


Last night's dinner was leftover rice, a specialty around here. I make it a little differently every time. Last night was an Asian themed rice.

  1. saute onions and fresh ginger in a mix of olive oil and sesame oil.
  2. add diced, leftover chicken
  3. add leftover corn and frozen peas. (Wish I had some fresh scallions.)
  4. add leftover rice
  5. Add a chopped up, scrambled egg
  6. add some soy sauce. I diluted it with some cooking sherry, but chicken broth would have been good, too.

Ta-da. I'm in a rush getting ready for an over-night guest. She won't get leftovers though. I'm making tortellini in a cream sauce and Spanish cannelini beans and spinach.

Question of the Day: What's your best leftover meal?


5 thoughts on “Leftover Rice

  1. Don’t use all the rice! My wife fixed her cell phone, after dropping it in water, by leaving it in a bag of rice for a couple of days. Works fine now. So save some around the house.
    Oh, leftover meals? Anything with eggs. Just toss it into a frittata; it’ll stick together.

  2. Cold roast chicken, sprinkled with salt and worcestershire sauce, eaten out of hand. Mmmm. Best leftovers ever.
    I also like to make roast beef or lamb hash, and fish cakes, and various quick-and-dirty tacos or burritos based on heating up chopped leftovers with salsa and chopped onion, and folding them up in a tortilla.
    But we eat a lot of meals that are just the same dinner cold, plus some apple slices and carrot sticks for people who don’t like leftover broccoli.

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