Heirloom Seeds

How adorable is this little family that runs the heirloom seed company? The Sunday Magazine section of the New York Times had a profile of them. After reading the article, I ran home to order their catalog. I don't have any room in my backyard to expand my six foot garden, but I like the idea of eating non-genetically altered food. I also like the pictures on the seed packages.


9 thoughts on “Heirloom Seeds

  1. Order the seeds soon. The little girl is going to grow-up to be a Round-Up saleswoman or post her recipe for hand made Agent Orange on Boing Boing or something.


  2. Well, selection by farmers over the years is genetic modification too. Almost no crop plants are anything like their wild varieties, after all. The real danger w/ “GM” crops is the business model (and that lots of them are boondoggle, but that’s not really separable from the business model in most cases.)
    The guy looks like he’s wearing Pa Engels bed clothes.


  3. The guy looks like he’s wearing Pa Engels bed clothes.
    Yes. Based on his facial expression, I think the Star Trek convention people ostracized him for being too something or other. Then he found a new hobby.


  4. Sort of, but mostly I was just focused on his grin. If he is wearing Pa Engels bed clothes, you’re not going to find Pa Engels without a lucky break or ground penetrating radar.


  5. Or maybe Pa Engels is enjoying a furrycon in a major metropolitan area. He’s lent our poor Trekkie reject his old clothes because (a) he doesn’t need’em where he’s going, and (b) what says heirloom better than white people in improbably clean costumes of 150 years ago? Anyway, it worked; they’re in the NY Times.
    ps Pa is having a great time among a surprisingly accepting community.
    pps Does it look like the Adorable Girl has no legs below here knees and is actually levitating? This photo is a lot more sinister than it looked at first glance.


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