More on CSA Cooking

Adventuresinfood I am going to occasionally write for New Jersey Monthly's blog. I just wrote a post on CSA cooking (here
and here).

Check out Amanda Marcotte's CSA experiences as well.

5 thoughts on “More on CSA Cooking

  1. Neat stories! And yay Laura for finding new outlets for writing!
    Ending’s a bit abrupt, says the incorrigible copyeditor. Did they give you a word count you had to stay under?


  2. I can’t imagine doing CSA. I go to the store, I get the things my kids will stand for, if we need dental floss, I get that too, and I’m home cooking. CSA looks to me like a way some trustafarian gets to sell whatever melange of crops he has managed to coax out of the ground, and put a lot of gasoline into trucking them to the nearby city in a velvet-lined pickup truck.


  3. I, personally, was amazed that Laura’s family “[rushes] to the table for radish salad, leek soup, creamy coleslaw, and zuccini bread.” Well, except for the zuccini bread; I think mine would eat that, too.
    We tried an organic produce delivery service once and gave up because none of us were willing to eat or cook the array of stuff we got (even though we were allowed to make substitutions).
    But, I think it can work wonderfully for people who are more adventuresome. CSA is a way to eat out of the garden even if you’re not keeping an extensive one. Kind of like the cabin in the woods, it’s an idea I find romance in, even though I know it can’t work for my family.
    (And, I think there’s no reason to believe that the transportation costs of CSA produce are greater than the transport costs of other produce we buy in regular grocery stores).


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