The Strange and the Beautiful

Truthfully, I get a lot of inspiration for the blog from my friends on Facebook and strangers on Twitter. Everybody seems to be in a freaky moody today, because I have some random, weird shit in the hopper this morning. Here we go:

Suze posted a link to some weird fetish clothes on Etsy. Etsy – it's not all macrame bunnies, you know.


The Twitter-people are laughing at this picture of the dead unicorn in a garbage can in New York City.


Roger Ebert writes a great column about Chicago architecture and showcases the University Chicago campus photographed to look like Hogwarts



9 thoughts on “The Strange and the Beautiful

  1. I’d always assumed the macrame bunnies were for some fetish that was too weird for me to have heard about given my sheltered life.

  2. Someone killed a unicorn in NYC, and didn’t even eat the other white meat? In the west we always eat our unicorns, or donate the meat to homeless shelters.

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