A Victory for Dinosaur MSM

Early-rolling-stone-cover-photoWhen a blogger breaks a story, there's always one corner of the blogosphere that chants "WIN FOR THE BLOGGERS!," "EAT THAT, MSM," "WHY MSM WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH AND BLOGGERS WILL DANCE ON THEIR GRAVES."

So, how about this major Rolling Stone article? Is this a victory for stoner media? I don't think anybody's talked about a Rolling Stone article, since Hunter Thompson was writing about the Kentucky Derby. (Yes, Wikipedia just told me that Thompson didn't write that piece for Rolling Stone, but I want to keep the link anyway, because I love that essay.)

UPDATE: Here's the actual article, Runaway General. Friends who never talk about politics are call me to ask for the link. Wow.

UPDATE2: Jon Stewart mocks the media's reaction to the Rolling Stone article. 

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