Gaga Feminism

Lady-Gaga54 If you want to get a bead on the state of feminism these days, look no
further than the ubiquitous pop star Lady Gaga. Last summer, after
identifying herself as a representative for “sexual, strong women who
speak their mind,” the 23-year-old Gaga seemed to embrace the old
canard that a feminist is by definition a man-hater when she told a
Norwegian journalist, “I’m not a feminist.  I hail men!  I love men!”

Nancy Bauer deconstructs Telephone and other Gaga videos and looks for feminism messages. I'm a fan.


2 thoughts on “Gaga Feminism

  1. If people enjoy her that’s fine with me. The little bit I’ve seen is sort of amusing, though not obviously more so than lots of pop has been, I think. But it seems a pretty serious mistake to me to take it (the music, her performance) very seriously, to think it has any plausibly consistent content or message, or think it has deep significance or is an important comment on our culture. It’s fluff and nonsense. (And a marketing scheme.) Fluff and nonsense can be fun, but when you try to apply Sartre (let alone Hegel) to it, the joke is usually on you.

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