3:00 is for Tea Time

DSC_0088Part of the routine around here is tea time. 3:00 is for tea time. (5:00 is for beer.)

I have to confess that 50 percent of the fun of drinking tea comes from the accessories. I like it all — Asian, modern, frilly Victorian. It's all terribly fun.



5 thoughts on “3:00 is for Tea Time

  1. I like having tea, too. But at first I thought the 2nd picture here was two pictures, and I couldn’t figure out what a cactus had to do with tea, and was worried there was some really exotic sort I didn’t know about.

  2. You *do* realize that in the UK nobody actually boils water for tea on the stove anymore, to the extent that the phrase is now “plug the kettle in” rather than “put the kettle on.” Really.

  3. I like the convenience of an electric tea kettle, but the aesthetics need improvement.
    Someday, I’ll own something like this:
    It’s the electric samovar the Jetsons would have owned: shiny metal 4.5 liter samovar to boil water and shiny metal teapot that sits on top to brew tea concentrate (you dilute it with the boiling water). There are East Asian electric thermoses that are very practical, but there’s something about a samovar.

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