The Absence of Back Pain

There is a positive correlation between the absence of back pain and general happiness levels.

I threw out my back last weekend. It was probably because I had to carry an eleven-year old boy across a backyard to the car when he ripped open his foot. The little sucker is getting big.

All week, my spine has been out of whack. It hurt to unload the dish washer. It hurt to go to the gym. It hurt to breath.

After a lot of stretching with some distressing crunching sounds from my spine, everything is now in alignment. And my world view is back in alignment, too.

I've caught up on the boring chores that are necessary to keep the household moving. I had a morning business meeting. I'm meeting a friend for lunch.

When I first returned to life as a full time mom, I felt guilty making lunch plans. I was afraid that I was playing into the stereotype of the idlel SAHM. But I got over that. I would have lunch with co-workers all the time when I was employed. Going out to lunch once a week is mandatory for keeping one's marbles when you're at home all the time. So, I have guilt-free lunch plans today at a cute little restaurant in an old railroad station.


I'm rocking a cute little skirt that I got for $15 at the Gap


And we're looking at a weekend with no plans on the agenda. We might go to the Central Park Zoo. We might hang out and watch the World Cup. We might shoot baskets in Jonah's new hoop.


Or we might just do nothing at all.


15 thoughts on “The Absence of Back Pain

  1. I agree on the back thing. A tempurpedic mattress is very useful. Beyond that, and regular stretching, unfortunately, I have no advice.


  2. Back pain must be contagious. I’ve got it too. Only mine is requiring mega advil and physical therapy. First session today. It’s more like a day at the spa than anything, so that’s good. The pain definitely made me very unhappy.


  3. For me, it’s an inflammation in my sciatic nerve, or something, that hits me every once in a while (I don’t know; sleeping in a bad position, perhaps) and makes my buttock and leg ache and my whole life miserable. I can’t enjoy the bicycle commute, so I’m not getting my exercise, I’m not productive at work because sitting in painful, etc., etc. When it hits, I often end up losing whole days to pain and grumpiness.


  4. I get horrible back pain from standing still on hard floors. Fortunately, I never have to do that anymore. I don’t even like tile kitchens, despite the obvious other advantages of tile in a kitchen.


  5. The pain doctors think that un-addressed pain is responsible for a significant portion of the world’s ills. I believe them. It’s amazing how miserable the world can seem when you’re in pain.


  6. Back pain is really insidious, and at a deeper, more unconscious level than I’d ever thought. I had a busted disk (combined with a congenital nerve issue none of us, me or the doctors, knew about) for two years and a half, and it just kept drawing me down.
    Although I’m a bit bogged down in recovery and physical therapy and pain meds right now, it was absolutely amazing how much clearer my mind felt was as soon as I got out of surgery. I had even stopped consciously registering the pain, but it had obviously kept interfering with and influencing my thoughts.
    (Not that I don’t think people might not be on to something when they say back surgery’s overdone. But I think with my nerve issues, and the fact that I’d been in physical therapy for over a year with no progress, that it was probably the right thing to do. In general, I’m really in favor of the conservative, PT treatments.)


  7. I am trying a set-up where I stand to use the computer much of the time, fueled by the usual run of breathless solution-to-everything articles about sitting on our butts all day as the source of all civilization’s ills. Have just started – will let the breathless-anticipating 11d world know if anything seems different after a month…


  8. I can’t imagine standing still for longer than a 30 minutes or so – seems like torture.
    I would be interested in setting up a computer that projects onto the ceiling, so you can lay flat in bed and read. Reading in bed with a laptop isn’t comfortable at all…
    I’m sure the solution already exists somewhere.


  9. I’ve been free of back pain, but OMG, the foot pain. I have the hamstrings from hell, and they pull on my plantar fascia like whoa. Every morning when I get out of bed, I’m wincing for a few minutes, no matter how much I try to flex and stretch them before I get up.
    My dad is bedridden, and I bought him a special laptop holder for him to read stuf while lying down. He can sit up, but still it helps.
    Huh, I can’t locate a link to the one I bought, but here are some others:


  10. So, Laura, are you surprised that your insouciant young-life-in-the-big-city blog of years ago has morphed into a middle-age-is-difficult-country suburban blog? What a long strange trip it’s been!
    Wendy, for me 2 things have been very helpful – mornings standing flatfooted and bending forward a little beyond what is comfortable, and, wearing Crocs. The Crocs thing was after reading in Washington Post a professor of podiatry saying they were helpful. (I don’t buy actual $30 Crocs, I buy the $7 Croc knockoffs avail at dollar stores and at nurses scrub stores).


  11. “So, Laura, are you surprised that your insouciant young-life-in-the-big-city blog of years ago has morphed into a middle-age-is-difficult-country suburban blog? What a long strange trip it’s been!”
    Surprised. Amused. Horrified.


  12. Oh, come now, 11D was not an “insouciant young-life-in the city blog” it was a “oh my god, I have to grow up blog.” She did it, too, and though she might be surprised, amused, horrified, I’m proud of her. I bet her mom is, too.


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