Ranking States on the Liberal-Conservative Scale

Econsoc1 Fun graphs at FiveThirtyEight ranking the states on a liberal-conservative scale


3 thoughts on “Ranking States on the Liberal-Conservative Scale

  1. It would be even more interesting if it were done in such a way that I could read it, rather than being a glob of letters I can’t distinguish in the middle-right corner. Surely that wouldn’t have been too hard for the smart folks at 538 to do? (It’s largely impossible to read there, too.)

  2. Well, I am in VA, right in the cross-hairs. We have regional differences! Arlington is referred to as ‘People’s Republic of Arlington’ by Reeps in the legislature, and voted Obama by about 75-25. Full Gospel Holiness churches and McCain stickers appear as you cross the Beltway heading West and South. A friend of mine says the South starts at the Occoquan River, becauses the Confederacy never held any territory north of there (during what is now rarely called the Recent Unpleasantness).

  3. Well, I assume there are regional difference everywhere. New Jersey has a thin band of land densely populated with Democrats running NNE from Camden to Trenton to Newark. North of the band are the (rich) Economic Conservatives who commute into New York. South of the band are the (poor) Social Conservatives who vote based on guns and abortion. That averages out to “blue state,” bur really not in most of the counties.

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