DSC_0001Several years ago, I bought a single peony bulb from Home Depot for two dollars. I planted it by our front porch. Two years later, the first flowers came up. Each flower is a pale, pale pink explosion with hints of yellow. Each year after, they grew in numbers.

Peonies are much happier in vases all over the house than left outside, where they are too heavy for their stems. They like to be displayed in bud vases and even in plastic cups, and they last for more than week inside. But outside, they drag in the dirt and can't be admired. They are the Sarah Jessica Parker of flowers — showy, dramatic, and better indoors.



6 thoughts on “Peonies

  1. Peonies are much happier in vases all over the house than left outside …
    Don’t their little friends the ants come with them?

  2. I dug the peonies out of our patio because of the ants. And because there were just too many plants and I couldn’t figure what to keep. But mostly the ants.

  3. We have a big cluster of peonies (far enough away from the house that the ants aren’t an issue). To my surprised delight, not only does the bunch get bigger all the time, last year another colour appeared among the paler ones! Peonies are a gift to this non-gardener who loves gardens.

  4. my mother has specially made peony cages which sit around the plant and hold the flower heads up in the garden.

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