Diner’s Club

Bundle_foodanddrink_bycityxl_545.dzcxg2ghglk44g8g8s40s84s0.hcjovh1zwfksw0kw4skcow8g.thCheck out this awesome chart comparing expenditures on food and drink in major American cities. Hey, all my Austin readers, you guys sure eat a lot of breakfast burritos!

I wish we had better restaurants out here in Joisey. Steve and I still lament the eating options out here. We would spend more on restaurant food, if we had better options. Last Friday, we took the kids to a local joint that specializes in vile burgers stuffed with Velveeta.

I need a good road-side egg burrito. Sigh.

(via Sully)


2 thoughts on “Diner’s Club

  1. It looks a lot like it’s pulled from that study that made the news a month or so ago, ranking cities by household discretionary income. Austin ended up on top there as well, and IIRC the cities around RDU occupied similar spots.
    Turns out that not blowing all your money on real estate leaves a bit left over for a breakfast taco! (Though the infographic makers clearly have not tried Taco Deli, which beats Torchy’s hands-down.)


  2. I am shocked, SHOCKED that Portland is so far down the list. I’d think my efforts alone would push the town up a few notches.


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