Elena Kagan

10keagan01-popup Obama has just nominated Elena Kagan, our Solicitor General, for the opening in the Supreme Court. I'm going through the punditry commentary, but she isn't getting much enthusiasm or much hatred. She seems to be a very vanilla candidate designed to get through the confirmation with little fuss or drama.

More to come.

UPDATE: Matt Yglesias writes that our flawed system of government has resulted in political vagary for Supreme Court nominees. Russell Arben Fox would prefer if Congress and the Presidency were making the most serious political decisions, rather than the Supreme Court. Instead, we have a super powerful SC and, thus, an opaque political record becomes a plus. NRO is in trouble for using a prostitute metaphor when describing Kagan's position on Don't Ask; Don't Tell.

 Andrew is annoyed by the fact that certain topics haven't been discussed yet.


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