Crunch Crunch

I'm still confined to the iPhone. It's easier to post links on Twitter than Typepad on the iPhone. I'm at Laura11D. Crunch Crunch


5 thoughts on “Crunch Crunch

  1. I was in Durham after during the built-up to whatever hurricane hit in 1999. Everybody was very worried because of Fran, but it was basically a big nothing as far as damage in Durham.

  2. On second thought, maybe it was a bad idea to plant all those nice-looking white pines out in the open backyard ~25 years ago, since they grow insanely fast and tall in such a context.
    Remember how Cub Scouts use ‘pinewood’ to make their derby cars? They use pine because the wood is *soft* and *weak* !! Who says plant ecology is an esoteric subject?
    BTW, is that not an incredibly ugly house? Did they build so big that they ran out of money for windows? And, I think I know why insurance premiums keep going up.

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