Workout Gear

Now that I'm on a running kick, I'm going to bore you all now and then with exercise posts. Evil laugh.

I've got my running bag packed and waiting by the front door. I'm heading out in five minutes, but first a quick post on what's in the running bag.

The running bag is essential. If you're searching around for a running bra or ear phones, there's less of a chance that you'll actually get to the gym. All the components need to be order and ready for a quick exit of the house.

Here's my formula:

Running pants. Right now, I like Gap's loose fit capris. (They don't seem to have them online.) The color lasts longer than the Old Navy version. I'm also not ready for the tight version.

Running bra. Only Champion.

A museum T-shirt. Men's size medium.

Sneakers. Only Saucony.

A bottle of water, earphones, and a fun bag.


Here are more tips on how to start a running program.


5 thoughts on “Workout Gear

  1. I’ve run for years and love the serenity it gives me in my day. But I have to differ on your choices … Asics are the only shoe for me and I currently buy me gear from Athleta. It is o.k. to look good when you run. The best way to stay motivated .. sign up for a race. Having a goal make all the difference in the world.


  2. Run outside! It’s much more interesting than running in the gym. And much simpler too – no need to pack up a bag, just run in a circle back to your house.


  3. I like the gym treadmill a lot, but my free time tends to be in the later evening hours, so I’d like to have a treadmill at home. The fancy electric kind are a major investment, so I just got a cheap, manual me-powered treadmill for $142. I’m not crazy about it (it’s loud and there’s no convenient cupholder or place to stick a PDA), but within just a few minutes, I’m hot and sweaty. I have to turn the thermostat down to avoid overheating. It’s a totally different experience than my leisurely 3-mile-an-hour 4-mile walks on the electric treadmill at the gym. The manual treadmill is grueling, but I’ve been watching HGTV’s on Hulu for motivation. My husband asks, “Wouldn’t it be better if it were a big wheel?” but I think it would take up too much space.


  4. Hey Laura- those are the same Saucony shoes I wear and I love them too! Although I am not running in mine- and here I thought I was doing pretty well walking and doing my elliptical.Maybe your running enthusiasm will inspire me to give it a shot too.
    Love the post- very inspirational.


  5. Run outside!
    Outside is cold, hilly, poorly maintained, punctuated by dog leavings, full of cars driven by people texting, and contains a huge number of unshoveled sidewalks.


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