Spreadin’ Love

For some reason, the boys are really pumped up about the Olympics this year. They're looking forward to the opening ceremonies tonight. I'll be glad when the morons on the Today show stop the Olympics slapstick humor. The New York Times has a fun interactive grid with all the events.

Interesting debate this week about whether or not it's a terrible thing that books are getting boiled down to articles.

The amazing McQueen



One thought on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. We struggled for an hour last night to find a live stream we could watch, because we’re 1) Olympic addicts (or at least my wife is) and 2) too cheap/principled/pathetic to have any television reception. We logged onto a Russian one for a while, then found an English one for the bulk of the opening ceremonies. Very nice. We’ve spent a lot of time in and have good friends in Canada, yet neither of us ever knew about clogging thing.

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