My Crappy, Old House (Part Three)

The entrance way of the house, after we tore it up.


And after the floor sanding.

P5040003 P5040004

Then we peeled off the wood paneling, sanded down the glue spots, peeled off the wallpaper and painted. We put in a new light fixture. We painted the walls a very scary yellow. That will have to get changed sometime down the road.

IMG_0198 IMG_1048

The neighbors up the block were tossing their door in the garbage. Their house is of a similar vintage as ours. We grabbed it up and refinished it in our basement. It took a long time.

IMG_1051 IMG_1573

We added some IKEA curtains, pictures, a hand-me down carpet, and a bench. The contractor put in the door and new rungs on the stairs.

DSC_0020 DSC_0004

The ceiling needs to get fixed. We need a better carpet and maybe an arm chair for reading in the corner. The woodwork need to be stained. Actually, all the woodwork needs refinishing. Some of boards on the staircase need to be replaced. We've got to paint the exterior trim around the door frame. Lotto, anyone?

13 thoughts on “My Crappy, Old House (Part Three)

  1. Wow! It looks great!
    Yellow is the hardest color to get right. I’ve often ended up with “school bus” yellow, when I was just trying to get a cheery pop of color. I’ve repainted at least four or five times from choosing the wrong yellow.
    The best yellows I’ve found are in the Eddie Bauer Collection at Lowes. There is one called Pear that is really subtle and works well in rooms with low light and lots of light both. There is another one in their cabin section I think (it’s been 5 years) that is a really wonderful grown up yellow, but I can’t remember the name or find the paint can. It’s been in our living room, and we always get compliments on it.


  2. OMG, your entryway is making me cry in envy and frustration. I love it. I want it. You have no idea what I go through with husband and kids and having nowhere to put their crap when they come in the house.


  3. Got a sidedoor entrance with coat hooks and bins for hats and gloves. The kids are supposed to put everything away, but usually it just gets dumped on the floor until I yell at them.


  4. Like Sir Topham Hat’s famous “Seven Dirty Words?” (Confusion, Delay, Unreliable, Unuseful, Coupler, and two I can’t print here.)


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