Spreadin’ Love

2433904850_bd8dfc4d04 Vacationers who don't let a little earthquake interfere with a good time.

I would really love to take this class at NYU – Creative Non-Fiction by Susan Orlean

Instead of asking why so many professors are liberal, we should have asked why do so many liberals want to become professors.

We were were talking about the the bad job market for lawyers, before the NYT wrote this article.

2 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. Couldn’t we do better than Orlean’s class right here?
    I also notice there’s nothing about markets. Audience is nice (mentioned once in week nine) but people willing to put down cold, hard cash (or even notations in bank accounts) for writing are much nicer.


  2. Vacationing in Haiti is surely not pretty, but it brings in needed income and some supplies also. Those vacationers probably cannot help more than approving of their cruise ship dropping off needed supplies and paying the locals for the work they do.


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