Haiti-child-injured-reuters OK. All I really care about today is Haiti. I've been on Twitter and watching CNN for the past hour. This post is going to be a link dump for the rest of the evening.

The Salvation Army is taking text donations. Other text-based relief efforts. BitchPhD has a list of organizations that need donations from YOU. More humanitarian suggestions from Charli Carpenter. Also, Tyler Cowen.

How this earthquake is going to impact on their already shaking government and infrastructure: Yglesias, Cowen, McArdle,

TPM is live-blogging

Horrific story from a blogger on the scene.


Country Without a Net, by Tracy Kidder.

Huffington Post has a huge post with a ton of links and video clips.


4 thoughts on “Haiti

  1. What RAF said. Hey, though, here’s an advocacy issue for you. The credit card companies have issued statements that they’ll waive their percentage cut of donations made to Haiti relief (after that Huff Post article about how much money credit card companies make on disaster relief). But Partners In Health isn’t on the list of organizations that get the fee break. I’d sure rather that *all* of my donation went to PIH. Who should we bug to get PIH added to the list?

  2. I have also heard good things about Partners in Health. Another good organization that’s on the ground in Haiti is Doctors without Borders (MSF). I made my donation today.
    But, I feel like these donations aren’t enough, that we need to be agitating with our government as well, that the disaster, and the complete breakdown of government and social order will require governmental intervention, not just the aid of individual NGOs with limited powers and authority.

  3. Chris Blattman’s idea of encouraging the White House to move quickly to grant Temporary Protected Status to Haitians in the US is a great idea, and potentially almost costless and easy but very helpful. (Deportations to Haiti have already been stopped, for obvious reasons, but full TPS would be even more useful to Haitians and Haiti.) See details on his blog here:
    He also has some suggestions on to whom to donate to that I followed.

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