Gift Guide 3 – Etc…

Yesterday's New York Times had a useful review of the latest technology products. They reviewed the best electronic readers. I'm not quite ready for the Kindle, yet. They reviewed cameras. I've been very happy with my Nikon D40. They had a review of the latest video games; Jonah said that his friends love Wii Sports Resort.

5 thoughts on “Gift Guide 3 – Etc…

  1. I sat next to an editor in an airplane who said the same thing that Marya did. Especially on a long flight, I always have panic about whether I’ll run out of stuff to read. It happened once, and I actually rifled through the pocket in the middle seat, freaking out the guy on the aisle who had put his stuff there, including personal papers. He didn’t have anything I want to read. I don’t think I’ll buy a Kindle now, but it’s definitely out there as something I want.


  2. If you read a lot of out-of-copyright stuff (I have an addiction to the nineteenth-century Anglican novels of Charlotte Yonge, for example), you almost can’t afford NOT to own one.
    I buy some content, but not very much.


  3. I love my kindle. I especially loved it when I did my bookshopping in my living room as I hurriedly packed for an overseas trip with a long flight to a place with few English language options.
    It’s also a great conversation starter in Europe.


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