The Loathsome Person Award

Who should get the Loathsome Person or Couple of the Award? Oh, there are so many nominees!

Areq Salahi and Michaele Salahi (2) One nominee should definitely be the Salahi gatecrashers. Maureen Dowd called them slippery yesterday. (She also may have nudged Desiree Rogers on the Loathsome Person list.) Today, they are refusing to talk to Congress about the incident. 

Nominee Number Two has to be this crazy woman who was bitterly disappointed for only having boys and no girls. Later, when she has girls, she's disappointed because they aren't girlie enough.

Richard Heene. Balloon-boy-falcon-richard-heene

To be continued.


12 thoughts on “The Loathsome Person Award

  1. The individuals who were recently caught collecting kids and sending them out to sell candy for a fake charity, with the kids getting a cut of the action.
    Close runner up, the Texas woman who faked cancer to collect donations which she then used for cosmetic surgery.

  2. Nominee #2 speaks to me. Eldest Raggirl is really, really girly in some ways, and my mom has latched on to her as the type of daughter that she always wanted, but never got. I think she’d adopt her if we would let her. As it is, I send them off together to go clothes shopping — which I hate — don’t have to pay for Eldest Raggirl’s clothes, and feel like I’m giving my mom a gift.
    Also from nominee #2:
    “For the first time, I felt I wasn’t a bad person for feeling this way. Here was this treasure trove of women who could all commiserate. It was like I was part of a club.”
    I think one of the biggest problems with the internet is the way it allows you to feel normal in your bad behaviors. I think there’s nothing morally wrong at all with having “immoral thoughts” if you don’t act on them. But there’s a big problem when you convince yourself that the thoughts aren’t immoral, just because there’s a whole little subculture that also has them.

  3. Oh, I can’t see Nominee #2 as anything more than silly. I vote for all reality show participants and the people who make reality shows (weighted to more loathe for the makers, ’cause they’re pushers, while the consumers are addicts).
    (I’d make an exception for project runway, if they’d judge the clothes without knowing who made each, and then did an unveil of the designer).

  4. I think one of the biggest problems with the internet is the way it allows you to feel normal in your bad behaviors.
    Yes Ragtime, yes, yes, yes! The women profiled in that story are, quite simply, pathetic. That’s fine; we all have our pathetic moments, when we grieve or bitch or whine about something we’d invested part of ourselves in, which then didn’t turn out the way we wanted. But to take that foolish but very human misery and turn it into a self-validating community? That’s not pathetic, that’s ugly.

  5. I think of pedophiles as the group that’s really used the internet to “feel normal”, as Ragtime mentions.
    The “I wanted a girl” set is also paralleling pedophilia in their willingness to inflict damage on the kids. Can you even imagine your parent referring to you as “not [girls’ name]”? Blech blech and blech.

  6. I vote for any of the boastful parents on Autism Speaks-linked web sites who proudly publish stories about how they considered killing their children or themselves.

  7. The argument from that website that girls are now the ‘preferred sex’ is pretty silly. Yes, for about 10 years from the age of 16-26 really attractive women have some huge advantages in our society. But it’s a double edged sword as it is and it’s over quickly. The fact that women are doing better than men academically only means that if you can manage to get your boy a decent education he will have a big advantage in the working world where the status quo bias still prefers men (and I imagine will continue to do so). So I think that’s a pretty bogus reason for preferring girls. I think it has a lot more to do with the sex of the parent.

  8. It seems like an awful lot of parents want a girl but only after they’ve had a boy already, too. I’m told the American ideal is one of each.

  9. I believe there is some preference for girls in the States. (Never to the extent discussed on the loathesome web site, but nonetheless present.) I remember discussing the Weasley family with a large group once, and everyone nodded in agreement at the commonality of a mother who keeps going until she has her girl.
    To me it gets back to something my own grandmother told me: “A son is a son til he takes a wife, a daughter is yours til the end of your life.” There is a sense that the American ideal of manhood does not include a close relationship with your parents. And I have seen, again and again, when a married couple from different parts of the country must actively choose where to settle, they settle near the wife’s family (often for child care support).

  10. “everyone nodded in agreement at the commonality of a mother who keeps going until she has her girl. ”
    I think this plays out in the US, too. But, I don’t think it’s ’cause “girls are the preferred gender.” I think (many) women want girls, because they imagine someone whose interests and background they’ll share. And, in this day and age, in the US, it’s generally the woman who gets to decide when she’s done having children.

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