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Capt.ea4112698f0613112edc73d029d9688c.0.0.0x0.213x213 I always pay attention to what the Sloan character wears on Entourage, because she's smallish like me. Here's an interview with the actress, Emmanuelle Chriqui, about not being a blond in Hollywood.

One thought on “A Girlie Post

  1. OK, it’s embarrassing to be the only one commenting on this, but am I the only one who’s baffled by this Hollywood preference for blonds? I was just on Felicia Day’s site, and she can’t get work because she’s “quirky” looking, and I have to ask: is this backed up by any kind of genuine market research at ALL? Is there some secret regression that Hollywood producers have run to prove that blonds sell more tickets? Chriqui is GORGEOUS. How would her lack of blondness hurt a picture? What is going on out there in B-movie starting-in-Hollywood ruled-by-assholes land anyway?


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