Thanksgiving Food!

Check out Mark Bittman's Thanksgiving shortcuts and side dishes. And his demonstration of prosciutto and sweet potatoes. Prosciutto and sweet potatoes are two of my favorite things, so together they must be awesome.

IMG_3578 I'm making a sweet potato pie out of the The New Basics Cookbook
, but without the coconut crust, because I'm the only one who likes it.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Food!

  1. I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for only the second time ever this year. My SIL and BIL are visiting from NC (my FIL probably won’t make it to the next one). However, I have a bit of a problem in that I refuse to cook turkey. Yet I feel compelled to serve it, so I ordered some from a local supermarkety place’s catering division. I ordered turkey, gravy and stuffing, and I’ll do the rest: potatoes and some sort of green stuff and appetizers. Oh and we’re ordering a pie via our milk delivery service (offers some other items).


  2. Did you see the sweet potato buttermilk pie on the Smitten Kitchen blog? Looks awesome and lighter than the usual versions.
    I just spent a boring Engineering meeting making lists of ingredients. For dessert I’m making pumpkin, apple, and, at my MIL’s request, lemon meringue pie. Dinner is turkey with chestnut stuffing, and some kind of brussels sprout saute with bacon, and beets vinaigrette which we have every year, and roasted potatoes (every other year–my family preference is mashed). And hot rolls. And olives, and crudites with green goddess dip.
    I keep thinking we’ve left out chocolate from the dessert spread, but there are only six of us including kids this year.


  3. We just ordered turkey dinner from Whole Foods (don’t cook much around here). But, I like to look at all the food pictures. What I cannot believe is that at Smitten Kitchen, there’s a newborn baby, who some how does not prevent the production of that gorgeous food.
    3 pies for 6 people? That makes me feel good that in spite of the ordered dinner, there will still be lots of reasons to cook more side dishes (which will be lead by others, but perhaps I’ll take pictures of them).


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