Bad Behavior

Who wins for the biggest media shmuck of the weekend? Kanye or Serena?

Check out this video of Kanye interrupting the president.

2 thoughts on “Bad Behavior

  1. Time to break out the Mac.
    NY Daily News:
    “Serena Williams unraveled terribly, like … well, like a man.
    “Think about it. You’ve seen many male tennis players do something every bit as horrible as what Serena pulled on Saturday, but never a woman.
    “Jimmy Connors wagged his finger with violent intent in the face of many officials. Long after he had reformed his image, in 2001, Andre Agassi whacked a 120mph serve at a Wimbledon lineswoman during a semifinal match and questioned her sex life. And let’s not even get started with John McEnroe, Ilie Nastase or Jeff Tarango. …”


  2. I completely agree with the above comment by Doug. The response by the media and especially by tennis journalists to Serena’s outburst has been completely disproportionate to their response to similar outbursts by male players. And why isn’t anyone talking about the potentially bogus foot fault call that set this all off in the first place?


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