Spreadin’ Love

The depressing job market realities in political science. 

Advice for incoming college students.

I will be guest blogging at Feministe this week. Here's my intro post.


3 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. The placement guys I know are starting to encourage graduates to explore the wonderful world of community college teaching. Unfortunately, they don’t know much about that market, so it’s hard to give specific advice.


  2. It’s certainly depressing to think how much of that article would have been equally applicable when I was a master’s student (in English) in 1992.
    Were the opportunities really so much better for Poli Sci majors over the last 17 years that advice like “Hey, you should publish” and “Maybe we shouldn’t admit huge graduate student classes because they won’t all find jobs” is considered fresh and timely in your field?


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