Vladimir Putin, Mountain Man

Putinbaikalby Julie G.

What can one say, really?

*Photo from BBC, although I think these were officially released by the Kremlin.

6 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin, Mountain Man

  1. eeeewww!
    “And the communist regimes fell like dominoes. The dissident movement in Prague grew each day; in late November Václav Havel and Alexander Dubček stood before a cheering crowd of a quarter of a million people. Stasi offices all over East Germany were attacked and rifled. In Sofia, 50,000 Bulgarians demonstrated against the Communist Party’s hegemony. In Bucharest, Ceauşescu and his wife Elena were booed by the crowd, riots broke out, and the Rumanian Army stopped following orders.
    “Meanwhile, an unknown KGB agent in Dresden, Vladimir Putin, tried to pile so many documents into a burning stove that the thing exploded.”
    — In Europe, by Geert Mak, p. 718.


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