Lego Post

by Julie G.

I'm obsessed with legos lately. Some people take it very seriously. More on that later.

This will likely cause you incredible disappointment, but these cufflinks are sold out.Hpcuffflinks


3 thoughts on “Lego Post

  1. Wait, but who, who of Laura’s guest bloggers is obsessed with legos?
    I am, personally, a playmobil fan. Did you know that they have a set with little plastic saline bags, and surgical lights?


  2. It is I, Julie G.
    I’m going to riff on the whole Playmobile stuff soon — did you see the TSA thing?
    I’ve got a good post planned. Just need the time to scope the pics and the links.


  3. Oh bummer, I wasn’t too disappointed about missing out on the cufflinks, but the TSA set is out of stock. And, any self-respecting playmobil owner would have no problem whatsoever producing very long lines. And, I’d imagine those princess dresses would be a really tough on the screening.


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