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Logo4 I'm on vacation! Wahoo. I need to step away from the computer and recharge the battery.

Starting next Monday, I've lined up five fabulous women to guest blog. Please check out their posts next week and encourage them with comments and love. They each have unique perspectives and life experiences. I enlisted their help to keep the home fire burning on 11D. But my nefarious goal was to recruit more strong, female voices for the blogosphere. 

Lge_Jodie_071011040435701_wideweb__300x300-1 Suze is an old friend from my publishing days. After twenty years in publishing, Suze recently received her MA in education. She has taught English in tough schools in Manhattan. She is also setting up a website to edit profiles on Match.Com. She might share some of her stories about teaching and dating. Her online dating stories are really funny. Hope she shares them. 

Scully-11 Julie G. is a political Science professor with an expertise on Russia and the former Soviet states. She's lived in Georgia and interviewed key political leaders; she has great stories about being an ex-pat. She's also the mother of the funniest, little girl with red ringlets. From Julie G., we might hear about international trouble spots, dual academic families, cooking recipes, or her life growing up in Kentucky.

Thelma_&_Louise Macaroni is also a political science professor with an expertise on technology and the Internet. She's also a fantastic dresser and really keyed into hip, urban living. Newly married, she's seen a ton of movies that I have to wait a year to get on Netflix. Maybe she'll talk about her research. Or she might talk about how she's rehabbing her downtown apartment in Manhattan. She just saw Food, Inc. and I'm curious what she thought of it.

Strongwomen Kay is a professor of urban geography with a PhD in political science. I worked with Kay for eight years at a policy center in our graduate program. We interviewed community leaders in the South Side of Chicago and Philadelphia. She knows Newark like the back of her hand. Kay is also the mom of two blondie girls with huge blue eyes; they take after their mama. Kay might talk about the impact of gentrification in urban areas. Or she might talk gardening, food, and babes.

Wonderwoman Lastly, we have my sister in law, Tammy. Tammy is a full time mom over the summer, and the chair of an English department at an elite private school during the school year. Tammy is terribly busy this summer, because she's also tutoring, so she'll only blog if she has time. Tammy's kids, aka Fire and Ice, are so beautiful that their cheeks demand hundreds of kisses.  If Tammy has the time, she might talk about her techniques for encouraging middle school kids to read and the best graphic novels. She might also talk about how she manages to be the best mom, while managing such a busy schedule.

OK, that's the gang. Have fun, everyone!

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