BlogHer and Crocs

Yes, you thought I was gone, but I'm not really gone yet. After five hours of errands, I have returned to my default position in front of the computer.  Amy P pointed me to a post on Amy Welborn's blog about the mommybloggers and the dust-up over a pair of Crocs.

Here are the relevant links. Read Amy Welborn's post (scroll down a bit) for her great assessment of the mommybloggers. "As far as I can say, the two major MommyBlogging subcultures are: 1) The Christians and 2) The Don't-Give-A-F***- MommyBloggers who are in turn either a) of the "Martini Play Date" cadre or b) some version of really green/punk/boho/unschooling visionaries." 

Welborn also explains that a big explosion can be happening with one, very large group of bloggers and nobody else has a clue. So very true. I guess there's a lot of fighting going on right now about swag. Dude, where's my swag? I have to mommyblog more often. Anyway, you can read about the Croc incident here.

6 thoughts on “BlogHer and Crocs

  1. It’s after BlogHer every year that I realize (a) that almost-five years makes me really, really old in blog years; (b) very little is new in blogland, but no one has any way of realizing that because it’s so damn ephemeral — there were HUGE debates about endorsements, swag, etc. in 2005, and that was when the saturation levels were minimal; and (c) Lisa V.’s point about mommy blogs as playdate groups couldn’t be more on-point. It’s not just that there are subcultures: It’s that every new wave of parents who start blogs creates their own subculture, and none of them knows, or cares much, about the ones that already exist, not least because they seem to have natural shelf lives and slowly fade away.


  2. As Jody knows, Lisa V. has taken down nearly all her old posts, so there is no link. I’m just lucky that someone like Jody remembers anything I’ve ever said.
    Though it’s just as likely that it was a comment on one of Jody’s thoughtful posts.


  3. There seems to be something that drives mothers of babies to only hang out with families that have babies of almost the same age. And then they have their 2nd babies 2.75 years later, and the cycle continues. That is a recipe for insularity right there. Also, have you ever noticed how babies come in waves? For a while, nothing, than everyone you know is expecting.


  4. Are we sure Laura is gone? Assuming she is, would anybody like to buy a 1996 Civic with minimal body damage? Only 160k miles and it doesn’t smell bad as long as it isn’t warm out.


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