Packin’ For Lake George

Anthonypic I'm packing up the portable DVD player, DSI's, laptop, and duffel bags of T-shirts and bathing suits. We're going to be, er, roughing it at Lake George for one week. (Thanks so much to ChrisinNY for the cabin suggestion. We're going there, Chris. Ta.)

We're planning on taking a slow drive North. We'll stop in New Paltz for lunch. Steve will watch the boys on the sidewalk, while I pop into a few stores. We rented a cabin on the edge of the lake. I'm hoping that we'll be able to ignore the children while they play in the water. That's the plan at any rate.

I've lined up a great crew of guest bloggers for next week, while I'm away. I'll introduce them in the next post. 

4 thoughts on “Packin’ For Lake George

  1. I can’t wait to hear how Lake George is. We’re heading to Cape Cod again in 3 weeks. We have to bring 2 cars to hold all the kayaks and bicycles, plus a friend or two. The father of a friend of my daughter is working in Virginia for the summer (had been laid off; this is short-term contract), so I offered to take her and her brother with us to the Cape for a few days to reduce the load on their mom (who has 2 more younger kids at home). It also reduces my load (subtraction by addition, my friend calls it).


  2. “It also reduces my load (subtraction by addition, my friend calls it).”
    Cool, isn’t it. We were in Sonoma county for our family vacation, and the addition of a cousin made it almost feel like our children were away at camp. Our water didn’t permit us to “ignore the kids” while they played in the water (river, seating area too far above the river bank). But, I wish you much success.


  3. Have fun! I’ve only been to Lake George for a day trip (volley ball on a beach and the booze cruise) but it’s very pretty. A stop in Saratoga Springs on the way there or back is worth a few hours. It’s a cute town but unless you’re “taking the waters” or betting on horses a few hours is probably enough.


  4. I’m jealous. The closest we got to some serious water this summer was one wet and muddy day when the fire station brought their trucks out and soaked everybody while flooding an open field during Wet and Wild days at the zoo. Oh well. Have a blast, Laura and family.


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