Because You Really Need To Spend MORE Time on the Internet…

After a heated discussion of the dancing merits of Evan, the Hollywood dancer on So You Think Can Dance?, I told Steve that Pioneer Woman had a really funny post up about complementing a woman on her pregnancy, only to find out that she gave birth two years ago. (Ugh. Did that myself. NEVER, ever say anything about a pregnant belly unless the woman says something or her water breaks and it splashes on your shoes. One or the other.)

Pioneerwoman And Mr. All-I-Read-Are-Serious-Political-Blogs is like what's Pioneer Woman? So, we walked upstairs and I showed him around her blog. The woman gets 11 million page views per month. She's ranked higher than the Daily Kos on the Technorati 100. She gets beaucoup advertising bucks.

Am a wee bit jealous? Oh, yes I am.

So, what else doesn't Steve know? He had never heard of I Can Has Cheeseburger. After scrolling down several times, Steve was crying and hoping that it would make it through the firewall at work.  Another huge Internet success story.


3 thoughts on “Because You Really Need To Spend MORE Time on the Internet…

  1. I got sucked into Pioneer Woman about a year ago when someone mentioned her on one of my food-related posts. Since then I think my wife has come to see her as the ‘other woman’ in our marriage, though she never seems to complain when I make one of her recipes and the family asks me to add it to the ‘keeper file’.
    Her traffic is ridiculous for sure. Ahhh, to make a living at blogging. A dream, a dream….but a good one.


  2. One of my male colleagues in our very female-dominated department had an experience like that. He saw E at an event and said “E, how are you! When are the babies due?” They (twins) were 2 months old. He was so embarrassed, poor guy.
    I just couldn’t get into Pioneer Woman. I like my blogs to have less bling, I guess.


  3. omg, the exact same thing happened to me TWICE at a conference in May. Only I was the “pregnant woman”. It’s probably socially acceptable to make that mistake just 2 months after the babies are due, but Yo was already 11 months (and I have a sinking suspicion I’ll still look like this when Yo is 2). The women who said it to me didn’t look the list bit mortified, though. Damn them.


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