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OK. We need a girlie post.

I'm changing careers and need a new wardrobe for my new persona. I'm thinking jeans, biker boots, and cool shirts. I scouted the GAP yesterday and found some good candidates. Just have to wait for this GAP shirt to go on sale.

I bought a few long, flowy, paisley skirts from the GAP last year, and I've been pairing them with museum T-Shirts and these Birkenstocks. But I don't have enough good T-shirts, so I've been looking online. Media

 Dooce pointed me to this cool T-Shirt website yesterday. They reproduce T-Shirts worn by rock stars and celebrities of the past. They've got an old Blondie T-Shirt and another one that John Lennon wore. I love 'em, but I don't think I should spend $50 on a t-shirt. I'm also grossed out by their picture of Jennifer Aniston wearing one of their t-shirts. She killed the cool.Destee

I've been poking around this Destee-Nation Shirt Co. They collect T-shirts from dive bars and cocktail lounge from around the country. This is awesome.

But I really can't be spending money right now. I'm online window shopping. I've been especially ogling these Frye boots. Oh, sigh. Love them. First paycheck goes to these boots.3279-443273-d

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  1. Excellent Gap shirt; not an easy thing to pull off floral, ruffled, gathered sleeves without being twee.


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