Spreadin’ Love

Sam Crane continues to make fine parallels between Iran and China.

Flashback — This post was one of the best "Questions of the Day" that we've had on 11D.

26k "Determine never to be idle." (Except when Lost is on.) Check out rooms like this and more. I need that paint color. It's the perfect grey.

Sanford's wife is no Silda.

One thought on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. Don’t you think Sanford’s wife giving the long interview about when she found out about the affair, how she told him he wasn’t allowed to see the woman again, etc. is also humiliating? I know it’s not the same as the other wives who seem to use Tammy Wynette’s song as guide book, but it still seem weird. She has chosen to discuss intimate details of her life with the media, not only violating her privacy, but her son’s.
    Is it really that important to her that the entire country know her side of the story?


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