Spreadin’ Love

Harry b discusses The Disappearance of Childhood. He writes, "Postman is a magnificently pessimistic writer; he overstates the case
for the decline and threatened disappearance of childhood, and talks as
if the world is going to pot." Harry manages to trash the thesis for the book, while placing it among his favorite books. I put it on the interlibrary loan list.

Henry writes that he hasn't seen an evidence that Twitter helped to organize the protests in Iran. Sides writes that Twitter helps to disseminate good information, as well as a whole lot of garbage.

Do you belong in New York City? Take the test.

One thought on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. According to the test, I don’t belong in NYC. And the test didn’t even include “Do you get nervous in crowds?” or “Do you feel physically ill when asked to pay more than $3 for a domestic beer?”


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