Spreadin’ Love

Mark Blumenthal writes about going to the Holocaust Museum with his dad, a survivor of Auschwitz. It's good. (via Sullivan)

Goths in hot weather. A photoblog where their rate gothiness and sweatiness. My husband nearly peed his pants laughing. (also Sullivan)

3 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. The Blumenthal piece is good, but it’s his FIL.
    We didn’t go to the Holocaust Museum on our trip; we thought it was still a bit dark for the kids. But I did develop quite a fondness for the security guards at the museums. They have to deal with so much, but they generally keep a goofy sense of humor throughout the day. I just hate that one was killed.


  2. Re: Goths. I remember once seeing a Goth couple and their young daughter. It was in June in Mainz, Germany (= 30C and very humid).
    Mom and Dad were in black, etc. The daughter wore a pink dress.
    Interesting combination.


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