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The more that I read about Sonia Sotomayor, the more I like her. Her critics are floundering around looking for an angle, but end up looking like assholes. Here's some good blog commentary that I've read today: Sam Crane, Megan McArdle, Amanda Marcotte, and Scott Lemieux.

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5 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/05/26/us/0526-scotus.html discusses some of her legal opinions.
    There was also a news piece by a journalist (in NY times or Wash post? I can’t remember) that talked about her legal opinions, and concluded that her opinions are thorough & workman-like, not flashy or results driven. (I can’t find the cite now, but maybe someone else remembers it). Another analysis looks at whether she’s shown “pro-business” or “anti-business” bias, and finds that her decisions have gone both ways (i.e. on questions of property rights, securities litigation, etc. , the boring stuff that most people don’t pay attention to).
    There’s plenty of legal analysis going on. It’s not going to uncover anything dramatic. She’s been a judge for a long time, and knows what she’s doing.
    (And, Laura, I too am really liking her. The story about her mother in yesterday’s times was a sheer gem, and I love that she complained about a law firm when she thought her credentials were unreasonably questioned. It reminds me of why we all need to be sanctimonious feminists and not let things slide by).


  2. PS: the only real possibility, to quote Robert Barnes as quoted in White House Watch on the post, is
    “The White House enlisted lawyers and constitutional experts to say that in Sotomayor’s 17 years on the federal bench, she has been a cautious jurist who respects precedent. But conservative legal groups countered that her remarks in speeches and symposiums bolster their claims that she is a liberal activist waiting to flower on the high court.”
    I can only wish that’s true, but even that, I don’t really wish. If her judicial opinions aredesigned to mask her true desires and nature, and she’s hiding her true legal philosophy for 17 years, only to change dramatically on being appointed to the court, well, then, it seems just as possible that she would turn into a conservative activist as a liberal one.


  3. I am concerned that she is too far right for my tastes. Support for the police. I am suspicious on reproductive rights. Maybe fvors business.
    She is clearly smart.


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