Big Love

45901489 In keeping with our month-long theme of sex scandals and all things European, I have to link to the story of the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, his wife, and his many mistresses. Berlusconi's second wife has finally decided to divorce him and all the dirt is spilling out.

Berlusconi is not only the prime minister of Italy, but he owns all the media sources in the country — a jaw-dropping, conflict of interest. His former mistresses, weather girls and actresses, were rammed into Parliament and into cabinet positions. Some have accused him of turning the government into his personal brothel.

It's just so marvelous.


3 thoughts on “Big Love

  1. Everybody hits on the weather girl, if only to see if they can come-up with a weather-related line she’s never heard before.

  2. It isn’t like back-benchers in a parlimentary system have a cognitively demanding job. But, from that picture, it looks like Berlusconi got his hair dyed by whoever Specter used to use.

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