Spreadin’ Love

Ann Althouse married one of her commenters and freaks out the other bloggers. I have my eye on a certain, foreign spammer.

Nancy Folbre blogging at the Times writes,

But sociologists Shelley Correll, Stephen Benard and In Paik take a step in this direction with research analyzing responses to job applications with credentials equivalent except for signals of parenthood.
In one experiment, about 200 undergraduates were asked to rate
paired applications for an imaginary midlevel managerial job. Both
female and male students rated mothers lower on competence and
commitment, recommended lower salaries for them, and judged them less
worthy ofpromotion than childless women.

3 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. Note to self: Must hereafter only post commments on blogs by women who are a) happily married or for other reasons deemed safe or b) not likely to move to Northern Europe.
    Oh well, people meet in all sorts of places, so why not in a comments thread.
    Next thing will be a twittarriage


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