Entertaining During Lent

DSC_0018I have some friends coming over for dinner in about 25 minutes. I was going to just make a quick marinara sauce, but then I decided to cook more. I was just posting depressing stuff on the blog anyway, and I was caught up with work for next week.

I've prepared homemade marinara sauce over spaghetti, roasted asparagus, garlic bread, salad, and spinach lasagna. When I entertain, I tend to make too much.

How to make spinach lasagna. Mix in a bowl: 2/3rd of the medium tub of whole milk Pollio ricotta, 1 lb. of mozzarella, 1 or 2 eggs, a cup-ish of parm. cheese, chopped fresh spinach. (The spinach is great. It makes a fluffy lasagna that isn't too weighed down with cheese). Cook lasagna noodles 3/4rd of the way. Drain, return to pot, and add some sauce. Layer pasta and goop in pan (sauce, pasta, goop, sauce, pasta, goop, sauce, pasta, goop, pasta, sauce). Add fresh parsley. Cover with foil. Cook for 40 min at 375.

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