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How to write an R and R letter.

New Kid compares the job market for academics and for lawyers. I need one of those law degrees. Too bad that the thought of more education makes me want to stick sharp pencils in my eyes.

I've got all the tea party stuff in my RSS feed, and I'm trying to figure it out.

"When I’m heavily pregnant in the final months of carrying my babies, I
see the enormous mama cows carrying around 100-pound calves in their
bodies and it helps me not feel so bad about my plight."

3 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. New Kid’s comments are worth reading. If one of my kids thinks s/he wants to be a lawyer, I will discourage that child from going to any non-top-14 school unless there is a hell of a good reason to think it makes sense. Too many people come out of University of City Law School and find that they can get temporary document review work for $30 an hour and that’s it.
    New Kid and I have just both made the mistake of thinking that the future will be like the past – I think there is a very good chance that, like the financial sector, the law sector will shrink. There won’t be as many mergers and acquisitions, so there won’t be a need for that many M&A lawyers. People will use paralegals and conciliators to deal with their divorces. The (private) university world will shrink, as well – didja see the article in the Times this morning about the rush of good students into the NY State system? Those kids are all Not Going to Grinnell and Boston College.


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  3. New Kid makes some good points. There’s also an additional important one — many people work their asses off for 6-8 years, only to NOT make partner at The Big Law Firms. They then have to start all over somewhere else.
    Most of my friends, even the ones with huge debts, left Big Law Firm jobs after a few years because they hated the lifestyle.
    I entered the law market in ’98 and landed a 2-year clerkship followed by a job with a Federal Agency. Even when the market was good, public sector jobs were very difficult to find. Right after I was hired (in 2000) our agency went on a hiring freeze that lasted several years. I wanted to work for a nonprofit, but people from Harvard and Yale wanted those jobs too. I think coming out of law school right now is just a lose-lose situation, unfortunately.


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