Bankrupt Republicans

Last night, on the drive home from a birthday dinner at my mom's, Steve told me about Obama's approval numbers. He said that Obama's approval rating soared after his speech and that his approval rating among Republicans is nearly 50%. CBS has some numbers.

The Republicans have lost Jindal – their skinny, young, ethnic candidate who they hoped could out-Obama Obama. They have been forced to trot out the old war horses, like Rush and Newt. Those guys are punch-lines, not leaders.

The only danger is that Michelle is over exposed. Literally and figuratively. (During the Presidential Address, I did say to Steve that I thought she should have worn a jacket.)

What does this all mean? Mandate-time. That big ambitious agenda of health-care and stimulus and schools is going to have a good shot at getting through Washington. I can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Links: Nate Silver thinks that Gingrich will either run for office in 2012 or be the kingmaker of that race.

Nice charts and polling info on party identification by the NYT.

They report, "These days, 38 percent of Americans say they are Democrats, 28 percent
call themselves Republicans, and another 29 percent identify as
independents, according to an average of national polls conducted last
year by The New York Times and CBS News."

4 thoughts on “Bankrupt Republicans

  1. Jindal isn’t necessarily finished. Politics is full of second chances. Look at Joe Biden. Twenty years ago, who would have thought that he would have successfully weathered being a punchline for his plagiarism issues and become vice president today? Who knows, Biden may even be president someday.
    Four years from now, if things are going poorly nationally (and if you look at the mortgage reset chart for the next several years, it’s probable they will be), Obama may be very vulnerable.


  2. I’m pretty sure I said it here during the last round, but God will not be so good to Democrats as to give them Newt Gingrich as a Republican presidential candidate.
    I, too, am looking forward to finding out how audacious Obama is willing to be.


  3. Biden is a buffoon. I think choosing him was a genius stroke by Obama, it means no one wants him to leave office early. God will not be so good to Reeps as to give them Joe Biden as the Dem nominee.


  4. By the first graph there, it doesn’t look like the Reps are in any worse position than they were in 1980.
    Also, I still like Biden better than 95% of the elected Democrats. I don’t trust people who never say anything stupid.


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