Spreadin’ Love

The Bohemian Bourgeois are in trouble and so are their stores. Maybe I won't start the Artisanal pickle shop after all.

The Netroots use new tactics to push the Democrats to the left.

I showed this Kristoff video to my Media class this afternoon. We discussed the agenda-setting power of celebrities.

Can the PTA undermine school equity

We were also talking about this rape simulation video game that is produced in Japan and, until recently, sold on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. If you don’t start an artisanal pickle shop, then what happens to the artisanal vinegar makers and the organic dill growers? Speaking of pickling things, I’ve become a big fan of those little pickled banana pepper things ever since somebody gave me a jar of home-made ones. If I had a yard with any sun at all, I’d try to grow some.


  2. “Can the PTA undermine school equity? ”
    Totally. At it’s extreme, it creates tax-payer subsidized “private” schools where the price of entry is purchasing a house in a particular neighborhood. At least, that’s my perception in my neck of the words, where school fundraising is rampant among the public schools. Some *public* elementary schools routinely raise 200,000. Parents make 10K contributions to the fund (matched, sometimes, to 20K), and regard it as saving money compared to private schools. The money is used for things like extra classroom teachers on occasion. The rules are clearly much less restrictive than profiled in the NYtimes article back in the east.


  3. ” If I had a yard with any sun at all, I’d try to grow some.”
    So, in addition to all the other tribulations in Pittsburgh, the sun doesn’t shine there anymore?
    (but at least the Steelers won the superbowl).


  4. I have a very small yard (which we turned into a good-sized patio) that gets light only when the sun is directly over-head. I don’t own the trees that shade my yard. I could get them removed if I made a fuss, but then my AC bills would go up, the winter wind would be worse, and the rain water would go down the hill behind me much too fast. And I still wouldn’t have much sun. My house blocks one side, my neighbor’s house another and the hill blocks a good deal of the rest.


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