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Lisa Belkin talks about how difficult it is to raise kids on your own. She had a post up last week discussing the incredible anger that new moms have with their husbands for not pulling their weight. Commentary on this topic from Geeky Mom.

That loony-toon that had octuplets is generating a lot of heat in the blogosphere. The most damning posts come from the very tight infertility community in the blogophere. (Thanks to Amy P for sending me that link.)

Harry b turned me on to John Martyn last week. (Check out the great YouTube video). I forward the link to my brother who noted that, "Clapton covered this song on "Slowhand"; only John Martyn song I knew
until scanning the other YouTube videos linked to this one. The big
standup bass player who used to play with him has been Richard
Thompson's sidekick for years now."

3 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. I always tried, especially with the night feedings when our son was little. It actually got harder on my wife as he got older and started his junior Oedipal phase.


  2. I was the alittlepregnant tipster–some other person deserves credit for Belkin.
    For those of you out there who aren’t going to go through 100+ comments from irate infertiles, the consensus from the alittlepregnant crew is that Suleiman is probably not being forthright about the mechanics of her pregnancy (which was purportedly IVF). The two main options are:
    1. Suleiman had an extremely unethical reproductive endocrinologist.
    2. Suleiman was using a Clomid-type medication, perhaps without medical oversight.


  3. Any person who is remotely open about her or his struggles with infertility (but especially her struggles) will field a whole series of questions about the process and the possible outcomes that is driven entirely by media coverage of events like this one. “Will you have a litter?” is perhaps the least offensive of the questions asked. To have THIS story come to light — a story with so many gaping inconsistencies and bizarre possibilities, they are too large to count — makes us all groan in pain.
    As an aside, the infertility community has become far too unwieldy to be considered “tight.” Several of the blog-writers active in 2005 have only recently written long posts about how large and lacking in intimacy the IF community has become.
    Of course, unlike the knitting world (now THERE’S a group I’d call tight-knit, if only the pun weren’t so painful), the IF world tends to have an exit: you either cross over into parenthood or disappear into the world of “blog inactive because all my dreams crashed around my head.”


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