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Academics, specifically Political Scientists, are attempting to show that they are too sexy for their spreadsheet. I'm not buying it.

Harry wants to know if your kids watched the inauguration at school. Mine did. He doubts that the school had the kids watch the Bush inauguration, but that doesn't really bother him. He would prefer if the kids studied instead.

Two cents on the speech and hoopla from around the blogosphere: Charli Carpenter, Nate Oman, Russell Arben Fox, (more later)

Laura at GeekyMom writes that she has honed very important career skills during times that she wasn't in the workplace. Opting out doesn't mean atrophying. 

Martha reveals her secrets. 

Like just everyone else I'm pretty psyched to have a new president. So regular civilian Laura is happy. Political scientist Laura has been keeping her mouth shut. That Laura just knows that it all isn't going to last long. I don't really want to write that sort of thing right now, but big sweeping, good sort of changes don't really happen in this country for a long list of reasons. Sigh. That said, Presidents usually have a hot few months out of the blocks. The honeymoon period. Sides predicts that Obama should be able to get much done in his first 100 days, because conditions are right. 

Oscar nominations are in. Good year for Benjamin Button. Not sure if I'm on board with that. But more importantly HUGH JACKMAN will be hosting the affair this year. He's my new boyfriend. And yes, we'll be liveblogging it this year.

Speculation about why Caroline really dropped out. Andrew Cuomo bugs the crap out of me for undefinable reasons. Not so happy.

8 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. No love for my comments on the inaurguration? Sniff.
    I hope thatRobert Downey, Jr., recieves the Supporting Actor Oscar. In fact, I hope he shows up in character, insisting that Kirk Lazarus won the award. That would be three kinds of awesome.


  2. If you all haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire yet, run, don’t walk to go see it. Terrific tale wonderfully told and shot. Disturbing, uplifting, a great ride.


  3. Mine watched it, too. But, they’re at a private school, so the rules are a bit different.
    I think it’s odd to think that they should be studying instead. My daughter got an awful lot out of watching the inauguration, including, for example, a discussion of how it was wrong for President Obama (yeah, I’m going to write that all the time) to say he was the 44th man to . . . (as she’d explain, since he’s the 43rd, because Grover Cleveland served twice). She was a bit of a history buff last year, too, but the election has really encouraged that interest in her.
    (I do worry about the fair handedness — I wouldn’t have been happy celebrating 2004, though it wasn’t an issue, ’cause my daughter wasn’t in school, so I can see being disturbed about celebrating some presidents and not others. I excuse my school because it’s private)


  4. Bj, I’d say that the inauguration of the first African-American as president is historic enough to warrant time from public schools.
    I could also see doing it every time, since kids will see it at most three times over the course of a normal period in school.


  5. Well, we are, Julie. And totally unrelated. Just got my first mammogram. No one told me they were going to my boobs in a waffle iron. OW!


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