Fish In a Barrel

As a rule, I don't usually post about stupid things I read on the Internet. Mostly because it's just way too easy. And, also because there's just not enough time. The ratio of smart to stupid on the Internet is rather lopsided.

But I can't resist it today. First, there's some lovely insider bitchiness about a former blogger. I really hated that guy.

Second, Rob Farley has plucked a great quote from Power Line.

Obama thinks he is a good talker, but he is often undisciplined when he
speaks. He needs to understand that as President, his words will be
scrutinized and will have impact whether he intends it or not. In this
regard, President Bush is an excellent model; Obama should take a
lesson from his example. Bush never gets sloppy when he is speaking
publicly. He chooses his words with care and precision, which is why
his style sometimes seems halting. In the eight years he has been
President, it is remarkable how few gaffes or verbal blunders he has
committed. If Obama doesn't raise his standards, he will exceed Bush's
total before he is inaugurated.

I spent three hours at Michelle Malkin's blog last night harvesting data. I haven't recovered yet.

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