Tabloid Talk

The 2008 election has been extraordinary for many reasons. First African-American president. First serious female candidate. Higher levels of voting turnout. All that stuff.

But this election was also extraordinary, because the tabloids turned their gaze away from Jolie/Aniston for a fraction of a second. Celebrity and politics merged with the photogenic Obamas and Palins. People magazine covers and paparazzi shots at the pool.

The tabloids never paid much mind to the Bush family. They’re not a terribly good looking bunch. The Clintons were only interesting when the chubby girl with a g-string got involved. So, it’s been awfully fun to check out Perez Hilton or watch the Insider and get my politics served up with a dollop of whip cream.

With the Obamas hiding out for a few weeks and Palin consulting with high powered Hollywood agents, the tabloids have returned to Jolie/Aniston for a few weeks. Even the New York Times has a piece on how Angie manipulates her image.