Twenty Truths About Autism on The College Campus: Also true for any disability

Most parents have no idea what college is really like for disabled people. College, after all, was a long way back, and they experienced college as an able person. Parents assume that colleges will support their autistic children, as public schools have done since Kindergarten. They might believe that As in special education classes are sufficient to succeed at the local community college. They assume that their kid will go to college because everyone else in the neighborhood is sending their children to college. 

I am constantly correcting misconceptions about college with parents, and even with high school teachers and staff, who are responsible for supporting these students with their transition plans. 

I’m going to be really, really blunt here, because I need to be. Too many special education college students don’t make it past the first week, and their parents don’t have a realistic Plan B. Rather than completely rule out college as an option, parents should have a complete understanding of the situation.

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