Personal News

Life upheaval continues.

As I explained in the last post, I decided to run for local political office. The past week has been about filling out the paperwork. (Yes, MORE paperwork!)

To get on the ballot, I got 15 signatures over the weekend. The forms will get notarized tomorrow and hand delivered to the county office building. I had to get a new bank account, loan myself some campaign money, and then register all the money stuff with the money people at the state level. I’m paying very close attention to all the election laws, because I would rather avoid a George Santos situation.

I set up a campaign Facebook page and newsletter. I need headshots. I have to dust off my office clothes and buy some new items. I’m designing flyers and door hangers. I’m setting up campaign Venmo and PayPal accounts.

At the same that my evenings have gotten booked up with meetings and gatherings, Steve’s remote work life is ending. He has to be in New York City four days a week, with plans for a full return by this fall. So, there’s nobody at home to make dinner for the family or take Ian to his evening therapy sessions. We’ll come up with some new routines. Once the state funding actually begins, I’ll hire people to help us out. Other people do this, so we’ll figure it out, too.

Ian, Steve, and I will be gone for 12 days in Rome, Florence, the country side, and Venice. I hear that traveling is crazy right now, so I’m going to buy all our museum tickets later this afternoon.

Ian’s been having lots of medical/medication issues. I took him out of school for a week until we get him healthy again. Lots of phone calls to doctors and the school.

We’ve been so busy that I’m starting to fantasize about sitting in a hotel room away from everyone. Except for Steve. He can come, but nobody else. Italy will be fun, but it’s not going to be relaxing.

Once I finish off this crazy week, things should be cool. We should have a very quiet Memorial Day weekend, and I’m going to be militant about guarding that precious free time.