Gift Guide 2021 #2 – Gym No More

This is the second installment of the Apt. 11D Gift Guide for 2021. Here’s the Intro. Part 1 was on investment clothing. Part 2 is about exercise and outdoor activity. Part 3 is about cooking.

Some time in late 2020, I stopped going to the gym. My old gym was never super clean on a good day, but knowledge that invisible viruses were invading the world was the final straw. So, I haven’t sat on a spin bike in nearly two years. Instead, I started taking daily hikes around the neighborhood and going with the family to bigger mountains on weekends. I began running again. (I want to run a marathon next year.)

Last summer when the temperatures were in the 90s, I joined a gym, so I had a place to go when the weather was too hot or too cold. Because I’m cheap, I chose a place with a $50 per month fee. I lasted two days. I was bored out of my mind. The treadmill was wobbly. The air was stale. The bathroom sinks were sticky. I cancelled the membership and got nailed with $200 of hidden fees.

Post pandemic, people seem to be slowly returning to the gym. Peloton sales are slumping. But gyms are still not back to pre-pandemic numbers.

Baring some luck with a Quick Pick Lottery ticket, I don’t think I would feel comfortable paying hundreds for a monthly gym membership at a fancy gym, and I refuse to go into another dirty gym, so I guess I’m staying outside. Our permanent gym boycott saves us over $2,000 per year, so I don’t feel any regrets about purchasing high end, high tech, moisture wicking, synthetic, wifi enabled, secret pocket gear.

So, I’m buying myself and my family lots of warm workout/running/hiking/skiing gear this year. I am looking on Facebook marketplace for second hand Pelotons and rowing machines for Steve. We’re a Fitbit family, but I also like Garmins and Apple Watches. For running, I use Brooks sneakers, compression cold weather leggings, headband, running gloves, and long sleeved t-shirt. For Steve’s post-work walk around the neighborhood, I’m making him wear a reflective vest. We’re going skiing in January, so I need to get everyone new ski pants and cute hats. Once the weather gets nicer, we’ll be in the woods in a tent with all the necessary gear.

PICTURE: Last summer we went camping in Roscoe, NY. More pictures here.