Prepping For The Third Wave

We’re looking at a third wave of the virus. Combined with cold weather, which will take backyard parties and strolls through the park off the table, a massive shutdown is going to test us as a nation and as individuals.

For those us who have been able to successfully transition to work from home, via Zoom and email, things will stay about the same. Steve’s job is fine. But others who only earn a living from face-to-face business will be in trouble if the state shuts down again; it’s going to push many businesses over the edge. Please patronize your local deli’s and restaurants, while you can.

Schools are going to shutdown again, and this will be brutal on the kids. Ian’s school has reverted to remote education for two weeks, because two teachers tested positive. We’re better prepared for it than this spring. I have a group of private education centers and tutors ready for Ian. When his school was face-to-face, he was only getting 1/4 of the education that he should have, so it’s not like things were fabulous in September.

My recommendations for parents is to focus on reading, writing, and math. Use online resources and private groups to supplement school. And, when the virus abates, show up with tar and pitchforks outside state capitals and demand compensatory education.

Mostly importantly, we all have to keep our marbles. Without face-to-face interactions with family and friends, I am afraid that we’ll all get a little squirrely.

I am planning on keeping walking around outside by myself and with friends even when there’s a foot of snow outside. I’ll invest in cross country skis and thick boots, because remaining sealed in this split-level tomb is a bad idea.

I have several projects going on, including a non-fiction book proposal and a fiction writing challenge. I am cleaning out my basement. I’m selling books. I’ll be here and writing the newsletter regularly. Projects are super important for my sanity, and I’ve got that locked down already.

In the end, we have each other. If Jonah comes home, then there will be a small crowd here. We’ll pretend we’re homesteaders in North Dakota, like the Ingalls family, and we’ll be fine. I am more worried about my parents and my single friends, who will be too isolated.

In the meantime, I’m making preparations. We’re upgrading our Internet service this month and stocking up the pantry. To finish our job repurposing our home for work and school, Steve and Ian will assemble half dozen boxes of furniture this weekend, and I’m sending off the older furniture with friends and buyers. It is probably too late, but I am going to try to squeeze in some doctor’s appointments. Little things, like trips to the manicurist and eyebrow threader, will get scheduled soon, because there’s nothing more depressing that bad nails during a lockdown.

More sickness is coming. And I really don’t think a change in administration is going to have any impact on this apolitical virus. Let’s keep each other safe and amused in next couple of months. And be sure to vote early!