SL 851

Yesterday, I drove back to the shore house with my autistic young man and two 84-year old parents. Ian is presently listening to his music and pacing back and forth in the sand. He has a big smile on his face, so it’s fine. My dad already got lost on the beach when he went for a walk on his own. Good thing he took a cellphone. I talked him home. Everybody here is slightly crazy, but in a good way. We’re all walking down the block at 3:00 for $1 oysters and cheap beer.

I’m presently blogging on the beach using the WordPress app on my cellphone. I’ll read comments next.

The big topic of conversation last night was the Wall Street Journal article about how Instagram screws up teen girls. And the company (owned by Facebook) has known about this for ages. It’s like how cigarette companies knew about the connection between lung cancer and smoking, but covered it up for ages. Not only is Facebook evil, but they could be vulnerable to lawsuits in the future.

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