Gift Guide #7 – Work and School From Home

In March, our home was transformed from a mostly empty abode, where only I worked, to one that is occupied 24/7 by an entire family.

Luckily, we do have plenty of space for all this together time, but it has taken a lot of tweaking, so we can actually work together without killing each other. We created Zoom-friendly zones, put additional workspaces in common areas. Steve and I rearranged our office furniture at least three times, and we’re not done yet. I would describe our situation as a work-in-progress.

Here are some items that we all need these day to maximize our work/school spaces:

  • Our biggest expenditures this year was in new technology. And stupid printer ink. Steve had to buy a camera for his computer. We changed our internet provider to get better wifi.
  • We invested in new desks for common areas. I like this one.
  • Zoom lighting – I’m thinking about getting a clip-on lighting kit. But I hear great things about ring lights. This one, too.
  • I’m a big lover of my standing desk. Highly endorse.
  • Both Steve and I are presently using lawyer chairs, but that might change.
  • For the kids working from home, I like the bed-desk for when they’re totally tired of sitting at a desk. Along with a pillow armrest.
  • A bulletin board or a white board is a must.
  • I’m looking for a really girly desk lamp, because things are looking a little too utilitarian in here.
  • Right now, we’re in the process of personalizing and softening up the space with art and plants. An Echo Show 5 looks fun for when you want to move your office to the kitchen for a few minutes.