Gift Guide #4 – Warm and Rugged

Today, I wrote one op-ed from scratch, sent it out, and fleshed out the game plan for two, maybe four, articles for another outlet. I’m “worded out”, so let me post a gift guide. Remember — a click on a Amazon product gives me a kickback on whatever you buy in the next 24 hours. Support a blogger!

One of the silver linings of this whole pandemic is that I’ve broken my reliance on gyms and have embraced the great outdoors. I take a 30-minute walk every morning, and then often another one in the afternoon. My friends and I have been running three times a week at the hiking trail in town. This weekend, we bundled up and ran three miles in sub-30 degree weather. It was actually really fun!

We’re still eating outside, too. It’s the only way to see my parents and extended family. At some point, it will be too uncomfortable, but we’re still hacking it with the support of heat lamps and fire pits.

Honestly, I’m enjoying the morning hike and chilly jogs so much that I don’t think I’ll ever join a gym ever again. I’m a convert to fresh air. And this change in perspective is influencing my purchases for myself and others.

I’m calculating my steps obsessively on a Fitbit and apps on my cellphone. I just got a new watchband for Fitbit and upgraded Steve’s three year old device.

Footwear is super important. I haven’t worn a pair of heels since February. Instead, I’ve got walking sneakers, running sneakers, boots for when I want to feel cute when shopping in the supermarket, and slides for outdoor dining at restaurants in town.

Warm coats have become more important than ever before, now that I am actually outside for longer than a three-second walk between the front door and the car. Here’s where I’m thinking about an upgrade. Steve’s has a waxed coat from Barbour, which he uses extensively. Steve might be buying me one for Christmas this year. I’m a huge fan of the Barbour brand — think old money British folks tromping through the highlands — and their cute gift guides.

I’ve been running with leggings, sweats, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, and headbands. And listening to Spotify on my iPhone, which is strapped to my arm. (I really do enjoy athletic gear.)

Need inspiration? How about some books?