Gift Guides 2022 – No More?

For many, many years, I’ve run gift guides every December on this blog. I provided lists of items with hyperlinks to Amazon. Jeff Bezos would give me a small cut of his profits and I would buy myself a nice pair of boots with the profits. Thank you to everyone who did their Christmas shopping through Apt. 11D.

My brain is not thinking about Christmas gifts this years. My kids are older and just want cash to buy burritos and computer parts. I have enough boots. Rather than thinking about stocking stuffers, I’m making Pinterest boards with tile for upcoming bathroom renovations, and creating google docs with vacation plans for the 2023. I’ll probably come around and post some items soon. The GAP and J. Crew are having 60% off sales, after all. $30 jeans are a good deal.

Yesterday, I was exhausted from two days of cooking and cleaning. My thighs felt like lead from running a 5K on Thursday morning. I rewarded myself with a day of re-reading Tara Westover’s Educated.

So, my gift suggestion today is that book. It’s the best memoir that I’ve ever read – even better the second time While I had a very different upbringing from Tara, I can totally relate to her love of Burke, Madison, Mill, Wollstonecraft, and all the thinkers that propelled me through my PhD.

I’m sure that I’ll breakdown and do a couple of gift guides, after I actually visit a physical mall and get my Jersey Girl hat on. But I might not. Who knows? If you’re buying stuff on Amazon any way, please get there with this link or via any one of the links in this post. Here are previous years’ gift guides. Thanks!