Audubon and His Birds

I came across this unassuming book in the stacks and opened up a world of colorful birds. Audubon’s Birds of American, The MacMillan Company, 1950


2 thoughts on “Audubon and His Birds

  1. I really appreciate that you are saving these books from landfills, even if it ends up for being for books by the yard or framed prints or whatever.

    I recently found a landscape painting book that I had when I was in HS (can’t remember if I owned, or only borrowed frequently from the library) online and was able to buy it. The cover was missing, but the inside is there. I was self-teaching myself painting from copying from the book and have strong memories of those paintings and still have some of them and it is very cool to have found the book to match my copies to. And, someone had to have saved it in order for me to find the book.


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